Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning and Leadership earned the distinction of accreditation by AdvancED, the global leader in accreditation services working with over 32,000 schools. We were recognized for our strong spiritual and academic development while exceeding the national average in every category evaluated (see below).

In addition, over 98% of our parents, students, and staff rated Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning and Leadership as outstanding. We are proud of the accreditation report because it provides confirmation that we are indeed achieving our goal of preparing students for the future…a future where our students will be grounded in the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ and prepared to advance His kingdom…a future that will require critical thinking, collaboration, problem solving, relational skills, and leadership.

Accreditation Evaluation Standards

Standard 1: Purpose and Direction

The school maintains and communicates a purpose and direction that commit to high expectations for learning, as well as shared beliefs about teaching and learning.

Standard 2: Governance and Leadership

The school operates under governance and leadership that promote and support student performance and school effectiveness.

Standard 3: Teaching and Assessing for Learning

The school’s curriculum, instructional design, and assessment practices guide and ensure teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Standard 4: Resources and Support System

The school has resources and provides services that support its purpose and direction to ensure success for all students

Standard 5: Using Results for Continuous Improvement

The school implements a comprehensive assessment system that generates a range of data about student learning and school effectiveness and uses results to guide continuous improvement.