Classrooms of the Future
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Back view of elementary students raising their arms on a class.Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning and Leadership’s classrooms have been modeled after the “Classroom of the Future” at Stanford University’s Wallenberg Center. Every student receives their own personal laptop or iPad. Classrooms have multiple displays (LCDs and Screens), and mobile furniture for easy collaboration. We create a culture that mirrors the life of students and their futures; one that seamlessly incorporates today’s digital tools, accommodates a mobile lifestyle, and encourages collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork and Biblical leadership.

Teacher training and development are an essential part of Cornerstone’s overall plan for improving instruction and student performance. Cornerstone invests over 50 hours annually to train our teachers with the latest research on accelerating learning and the use of technology which supports and enhances our mission and objectives.  The focus of our technology is not on the technology itself, but on how the technology can be used as a tool to further support the student’s learning goals and spiritual growth.

We should not leave the future success of our kids and our schools up to what I would call random acts of excellence. We need to create a system that is about intellectual, (spiritual), and moral excellence, a system that is humane, vibrant and exciting. And we know how to do that, the questions is, will we do that?

Tony Wagner
Harvard University – Innovation Lab Leader