Our Safe School
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We know there is an incredible amount of trust that comes with parents dropping off children and leaving them in the care of our staff. Our objective at Cornerstone is to protect the safety of every child and staff member on our campus. Safety is always a priority for us. The administration and staff follow these plans in order to maintain our commitment to safety:


  • Membership in the Clark County Safe Schools Taskforce (PDF).
  • Actively analyzing and improving Cornerstone’s school safety program.
  • Ongoing development of procedures and policies for improved school safety.
  • Regular performance of safety drills in compliance with the standards established by Washington State law.
  • Commitment to long-range improvement of the school facilities to maximize security.
We should not leave the future success of our kids and our schools up to what I would call random acts of excellence. We need to create a system that is about intellectual, (spiritual), and moral excellence, a system that is humane, vibrant and exciting. And we know how to do that, the questions is, will we do that?

Tony Wagner
Harvard University – Innovation Lab Leader