“Cornerstone Christian Academy is the school in Clark County for your child to experience an education that is Christ-centered, that far exceeds even the highest academic standards, and has a family environment where your child will be loved.  We have been involved with the CCA staff for 10 years and have watched it grow into a mature, experienced, highly trained community of professionals committed to excellence, to our children, and to Jesus. There is no other school in Clark County where we would want our kids to be.”

- Ryan Blau (Parent of Pre-k and 1st grader)

“Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning & Leadership is an amazing, Christ centered school that is providing a superior education for my children! My son loves having his own laptop computer that he uses in his classroom and at home. My daughter is always talking about how fun learning is with all the technology available in the classrooms. As a parent, I love how Cornerstone integrates God’s word into every subject while preparing my children for leadership in this changing world. I highly recommend Cornerstone to every parent who wants a safe, nurturing environment that equips their child for the future.”

- Stacie Waits (Parent of 4th, 6th, 7th and 8th grader)

“I cannot say enough good things about Cornerstone.  The teachers and staff are incredible, and the biblical integration into every subject is outstanding.  I feel so secure dropping my kids off at school every morning knowing they are getting an excellent education in a safe environment surrounded by a community that truly feels like family.”

- Jolene Bollman (Parent of 1st and 4th grader)

“I am so proud to call Cornerstone Christian Academy the school of choice for my very precious kids. The return on investment pays dividends one cannot measure–academic excellence with God in the center of everything. The instruction is delivered by dynamic teachers who are passionate about what they do. Most view technology in the classroom as lacking…not so here! Every student is issued a laptop computer. I have witnessed the brilliant use of computers to engage students in new and meaningful ways. Finally, as a parent, it feels so refreshing that our children are “known”. Yes, really known. Teachers and staff are keenly aware of where each child is at in their progression through life and academics. The feedback and communications parents receive is very healthy and regular…newsletters and personalized emails keep us apprised of current events and calls to action. Please consider a tour of the facilities and ask to meet with faculty and staff. You will see the “fruit” visibly on display.”

- Armand Stevens (Parent of Pre-K, 1st and 2nd Grader)

“My time at Cornerstone taught me to work hard in my studies, connect with friends, and be who God created me to be. These are lessons that still resonate in my life today. For me, personally hearing stories from missionaries during chapel, and getting to know our foreign exchange students over the years awakened my interest in Asian languages, which I am currently studying at the University of Washington.
The teachers throughout my nine years at Cornerstone always challenged me to do my best, whether the task was easy or difficult. Their firm but loving guidance and expectations kept me accountable for my work and taught me to budget my time. When I entered the Running Start program as a high school junior, I was prepared to succeed.
Cornerstone not only focused on my academics, but on my spiritual development, and creative endeavors such as choir, band, worship team, art class, poetry reading, and special projects that gave me room to be creative, and to create for His glory.
Cornerstone is a place where we can worship, learn, and grow in Christ, and gives us time in each day to connect with Him. . . praying together, serving together, growing together, learning to be leaders, and learning to see the world and ourselves through the lens of a loving God.”
- Grace Rose (CCALL Student 2003 - 2012)

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