Bill Gibbons

ALL His Kids Executive Director

Bill Gibbons is an educator, author, businessman, and entrepreneur who  has  dedicated  his  life  to  serving  Jesus  Christ.    He  began  his  career as an elementary teacher, then transitioned to a junior and senior high reading specialist and administrator. During his eleven years  in  public  education,  he  was  twice  designated  in  different  districts as young educator of the year. He wrote a book published by Random House on how to increase student performance while lowering instructional costs. He left public education to form a non-­‐profit, research-­‐based company to examine and create effective practices  to  increase  student  achievement.    As  a  result  of  his  research, he founded HOSTS Learning, a for-­‐profit corporation, and served as CEO and chair of the board for 29 years. The company was created to provide proven, research-­‐based solutions to school districts  across  the  nation.    Under  Mr.  Gibbons’  leadership  and  the  Holy  Spirit’s  direction,  HOSTS  Learning grew to become the third largest provider of supplemental services to public schools in the nation. HOSTS Learning served over a million students in 44 states and Central America, and was accorded  the  “Blue  Chip”  award  by  the  National  Chamber  of  Commerce  as  one  of  the  top  entrepreneurial companies in America. Mr. Gibbons worked with national leaders in education, business,  research,  and  politics.    He  was  blessed  to  work  with  two  US  presidents,  congressional  leaders, and governors to create high-­‐performing, low-­‐cost practices that advanced learning in low-­‐achieving students. HOSTS was the only practice identified in the landmark legislation, “No Child Left Behind”, as a national model. After retiring from HOSTS Learning in 2008, Mr. Gibbons was appointed superintendent of Portland Christian Schools in Portland, OR. In 2011, he accepted the position of superintendent of Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning & Leadership (CCALL) in Vancouver, WA, where he served for eight years. CCALL has become one of the most technologically advanced Christian schools in America. The school has grown at an average rate of 13% a year, and under Bill’s leadership, Cornerstone relocated to a new campus in 2018. Mr. Gibbons stepped down as Superintendent of CCALL in July 2019 to become Chairman of the Board of Trustees at CCALL and Executive Director of ALL His Kids (AHK), a nonprofit organization dedicated to Advancing the Kingdom of God by funding and replicating CCALL around the nation and world. He is helping to plan, fund, and launch an Early Childhood and K-­‐12 school modeled on biblical principles and around Stanford University’s “Schools of the Future”. The theme of the school will be “In Search of Truth”. The emphasis will be placed on modeling instructional practices around students’ spiritual gifts and academic passions.