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It has been a dream of CCA for many years to open a high school program, and this dream is becoming a reality! CCA’s Superintendent, Sandra Yager, recently met with 7th & 8th grade parents to answer questions about the high school. Here is a recap of those questions and answers…

When is CCA’s High School opening?

We are starting our high school program for the 21-22 School Year!

What is the theme of the high school?

The theme of CCA’s high school is “In Search of Truth.” We are unapologetically a Christian school, and we want to come alongside you as parents to help teach your child to discern truth from a Biblical worldview. We teach kids how to live out their faith and give glory to God in everything they do.

What are CCA’s values?

We have identified four main values:

  1. Personal & Spiritual Development – Teaching kids to grow in their character and spiritual walk is essential in the development of Christ centered leaders.
  2. Entrepreneurship – Using the gifts that God has given each of us to glorify and serve Him to further the Kingdom of God.
  3. The 5 Rs… Rigor, Relevance, Relationship, Reflection, Results: 
    • Rigor: Academically and Spiritually challenging curriculum designed to analyze and discern truth
    • Relevance: We want students to become curious learners and understand why the topics they are learning about are important
    • Relationships: Guiding students as they deepen their relationship with the Lord, their families and the world
    • Reflection: Review each unit and show through assessment what the students have learned
    • Results: The results of the classroom are the results of the learning coach – what can the learning coach learn and improve on
  4. Learning is the Constant and Time is the Variable – We believe that learning should be the constant and time should be the variable. Some kids can finish their high school diploma in less time, and some kids need more time. Our goal is for the learning to be the constant so that every student who graduates from CCA’s high school is prepared for their future.

How does CCA live out these values?

CCA lives out these values through the following actions:

  1. Biblical Integration – How do we look at learning through the lens of Scripture? The integration of subjects is a critical life skill because our Christian beliefs are displayed through our actions. “You will know them by their fruits.” -Matthew 7:16
  2. Standards Base Grading – Students will be graded by standards. They can map out when they want to graduate and then set goals to reach standards according to their timeline. Our standards base grading system is measured from 1-4:
    • 1 – Knowledge: Student is taught something and they can say it back; i.e. 2+2=4
    • 2 – Understanding: Student knows why 2+2=4
    • 3 – Application: Student can apply 2+2=4 to a real life problem
    • 4 – Mastery: Student knows, understands, can apply and teach 2+2=4
  3. Learners at the Center – We want to help students find their calling. How can we help kids know what they want to do early so they can work toward that goal throughout high school? Our aim is to help students follow the path that God has designed for them.
  4. Units of Inquiry – Our first study will be called “Genesis.” It will be teaching students their identity in Christ. We also will give the kids an assessment of which Bible character they are most like. Then students can study that Bible character and find common traits they share. Understanding by Design will be incorporated into our curriculum.
  5. Curriculum Integration – Students will be given a situation and problem. They have to figure out how to solve the problem using Scripture, English, Math, Science and Social Studies to solve it.

Who will be part of the high school staff?

Sandra Yager and Pat Jones are working together to create the curriculum and units of inquiry. Tristan Norris will be the main high school learning coach and will help the kids with their units of inquiry. We will also have a Registrar on staff to help with students’ records.

Where will the high school be located?

CCA’s High School will be on Kings Way’s campus. We are leasing a classroom where our students will have their own space to make their own. The benefit of Kings Way is kids can have more of a high school experience and can participate in after school activities and sports. Kings Way has agreed to a three-year agreement to start.

What will be the high school hours?

We’re considering starting at 9am and ending at 3:30pm. Nothing is finalized but this is what we’re thinking right now. Parents who drop off elementary and middle school students at our current campus can work out carpooling arrangements to take high schoolers over to Kings Way.

How many kids will be in the CCA high school in the first year?

Our maximum capacity for the first year is 20 kids. We will have mostly freshmen and possibly some sophomores.

What will be the cost of the high school tuition?

For High School Tuition Rates CLICK HERE

What would a sample week look like?

Here’s a sample schedule of what a week might look like for CCA High School students:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am- 9:30am Devotions Devotions Chapel Devotions Devotions



Units of Inquiry Units of Inquiry Field Trips & Lunch Units of Inquiry Units of Inquiry
Noon- 12:45pm Lunch Lunch Field Trips & Lunch Lunch Lunch



Math Math Field Trips & Lunch Math Math



Spanish Elective Field Trips & Lunch Spanish Elective



Reflection & Benediction Reflection & Benediction Reflection & Benediction Reflection & Benediction Reflection & Benediction


Students will be excused at 2:45pm if they are participating in school sponsored after school activities.

What will students be doing each day?

We believe the best way to start our day is by worshipping God. We will start every day with a half hour of devotions. Then our students will begin working on their units of inquiry. They will be collaborating, researching, and writing as they incorporate English, social studies and science into their units of inquiry. We will still have a separate time to teach math and will teach a foreign language. Our intent as an entrepreneurship high school is it to teach kids about different career paths. Kids learn a lot more about careers when they see them firsthand. On Wednesdays, we will take our students to different businesses to learn about their jobs. What do these people do in their jobs? What did they do to get there? What sacrifices did they have to make? As we teach our students about life skills, we will teach them to apply what they are learning and to discover why this learning is important.

What are the requirements to graduate?



(One credit equals one year)

English 4
Social Studies 3
Science 3
Math 3


(1.5 for PE, 0.5 for Health)

Art 2
CTE (Career and Technical Education) 2
Foreign Language 2
Apologetics 1
Elective Courses 2
Total Credits to Graduate 24

CCA will be an accredited high school, which means CCA’s diploma will be acknowledged as valid by colleges and universities.

Why is apologetics important?

Every student will be required to complete one apologetics credit. Eighty percent of church kids who leave their home to go to university leave their faith. Why? Because their roots are not deep. We want kids to know why they believe something and how to defend it. If they don’t know the answer to a question, we will teach them where to go find it. We want to “grow their roots.”

What will electives look like at the high school?

The first year, we will not have a formal PE class. If a student participates in three sports, they can get a PE credit. We also can provide other alternatives to PE. Art will be taught in our units of study. Students can draw, paint, create films, and create other types of art. A minimum of two years of foreign language will be provided to everyone.

Students will participate in CTE (Career Technical Education). They will receive a Microsoft Certification to become proficient in Word, Excel, and other Microsoft programs. We also will teach a personal finance & budgeting curriculum. Students will learn how to budget, balance a checkbook, learn about mortgages, and increase their overall financial intelligence.

Will there be internships?

As an entrepreneurship high school, students will have opportunities to apply for internships during the second part of high school. If they get hired for an internship, students can receive school to work credit.

How can you learn more?

We are so excited to talk with you more about our high school! Please reach out to us with any questions, comments, or feedback. We would love to hear from you!

Sandra Yager, Superintendent                       

Tracy Stevens, Dir. of Communications    


“And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”
– Deuteronomy 6:6-7