David Kauffman

Middle School Bible Teacher

I’m grateful for the opportunity to teach the Middle School Bible class here at Cornerstone. The journey of God’s grace that has led up to this season of my life has been rich and rewarding. In the 80’s I traveled globally quite a bit with a mission group called Youth With A Mission. Post missionary days were consumed with raising a large family; the Lord blessed me with six sons and six daughters. In 2006, I started a technology business wherein we provide national property data solutions. A few years ago, I began considering my retirement plan. What better way to participate in the Kingdom Work than investing into the next generation of leaders?  I began working towards a bachelors in Biblical Studies at Multnomah University in 2012, and will continue towards that end while teaching for Cornerstone. In my spare time, I like to spend time with my wife Michelle, pull the kids behind the boat, play competitive basketball and visit with my grandchildren.