Dress Code Policy Reminder

The following guidelines have been established in the development of the dress code for CCA. In the development of this dress code our first step was to go to the Bible for guidance, keeping in mind that our goals are to, above all:
1. Honor the Lord (Neat, Clean and Modest)
2. Establish the best possible setting and atmosphere for a quality, distraction free, Christian education.
3. Represent CCALL favorably in our community as a witness for our Lord.
4. Be as “parent friendly” as possible.
We realize there are many other kinds and styles of clothing that are acceptable and honoring to the Lord, but CCALL has chosen the following in establishing our dress code. We believe there is a definite relationship between dress habits, work habits, and atmosphere. Attire need not be expensive to be appropriate. The dress code is in effect in the building, on CCALL’s campus during school hours and at all school sponsored events.

The following guidelines are used in the determination of suitability of clothing worn to school and school related activities.
• Clothing must be neat, clean, modest and in good taste.
• Clothing must not attract undue attention to the wearer or interrupt the focus on learning in classrooms. Clothing must not have off-color or questionable sayings, promote violence, or refer to magic or the occult. Clothing also must not advertise non-Christian values such as alcoholic beverages, drugs, antagonistic rock groups, radio stations, or movies.
• Shorts’ and skirts’ hems must not be more than three inches above the knee. Dresses must follow the same guidelines (this includes dresses worn with leggings).
• Pants and shorts must be neat. Clothing with frayed hems and holes may not be worn.
• Students may not wear flip flop-type sandals or slippers.
• Retreat swim suits must be one piece only.
• Girls and boys may not wear hats in the buildings.
• The shoulders and midriff must be covered at all times. Sleeveless, backless, low cut, or spaghetti strap dresses or tank tops may not be worn. Cap-sleeves are acceptable.
• Clothing must be size appropriate and fit properly. Tight, form-fitting clothing including tank tops, shirts and pants may not be worn.
• If leggings are worn, skirt and short length still apply. Fishnet stockings are not allowed.
• Every day shoes should be manageable to wear and limited to a heel height that is distraction free for the learning environment.


We promise to provide a safe, nurturing, Christ-centered environment with highly qualified, born-again instructors who will stimulate and inspire the spiritual, academic, and physical development of all our children.

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