Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning and Leadership’s ECE program provides a safe, loving, and nurturing environment where children (four weeks through five years of age) learn and grow in a Biblically centered education. Our mission is to partner with parents to teach the truth of God’s Word and to inspire students to pursue excellence spiritually, personally, academically, relationally, and physically while equipping them for a lifetime of service to Jesus Christ.

Our Early Childhood Education program recognizes that every child has a distinct learning style. This is why we use a range of teaching strategies to engage student’s unique gifts. Our teachers balance the academic curriculum with fun, creative playtime. This program incorporates research-based information drawn from the Washington State Early Learning and Development Guidelines and the National Association for The Education of Young Children (NAEYC).

Our desire is that you prayerfully consider us as your partners in the development and education of your child.

Wendy Sparks
Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning and Leadership, 
Early Childhood Education Director