About ECE

Photo of a child learning how to make foodWe recognize that developmentally speaking, the preschool years are crucial. Even with our youngest students (ranging from 12 months to five years of age), parents and teachers alike understand that literacy and a love of reading are the engines of academic success. We are committed to developing our students’ fluency in reading, even as we foster their love of the written word.  We delight in introducing our kids to the world of books, beginning with our infants and toddlers.  It’s never too soon to read to a child, and both our staff and our children look forward to our reading times.

Art activities help children to express their creativity and imagination, which in-turn develops self-worth and confidence in their learning environment. Every day children will have access to create and explore different art mediums.

Our Music and Movement curriculum includes singing, playing, and dancing. A variety of academic, physical, and social skills are reinforced through the use of music and intentional teaching. Singing songs with children teaches them about rhythm, tones, and lyrics, which help develop auditory discrimination. Playing instruments allows children to recognize a beat as well as aids in large motor development.

Creative movement and dance allows children to learn balance, coordination, rhythm, and body awareness. As children participate in group music and movement activities they are also practicing their social skills.


Cornerstone Christian Early Education is licensed by the State of Washington. A Licensing Agent from the Department of Early Learning routinely visits our center unannounced to ensure a high-quality, legal operation with the best possible care. The Department of Early Learning requires our center to be re-licensed every three years.  In the re-licensing process, our center undergoes inspections of all areas used by children. A copy of our business license and re-licensing inspection are located in the ECE office.


The Director and Curriculum Support Team have created and developed an age appropriate curriculum that is specialized for each age group. Our curriculum is designed to meet the needs of different learning styles and stages. Every month each age group has learning objectives in science, math, art, large and fine motor skills, as well as language and literacy. Our curriculum is based around weekly themes and the Bible is incorporated to  promote Biblical integration in all areas.  Our created curriculum surpasses the guidelines put forth by Washington State Early Learning and Development.

Classroom environments are specifically designed for each age group. Learning centers are set up in each classroom to provide opportunities for hands-on reinforcement of concepts and skills learned throughout the day.

Each week, our three through five year olds join the students from the elementary school for Chapel. During this time, students participate in praise and worship and listen to guest speakers. More importantly, Chapel provides a time of fellowship with other classes and ages.

Parent and Classroom Involvement

Cornerstone Christian Academy for Learning & Leadership and the ECE Program work closely and collaboratively to promote parent involvement in all aspects of the education of children.  The ECE program has an open door policy that promotes parent participation in the classroom and in all ECE activities.  There are many ways for parents to become involved in our ECE program.
Parents are encouraged to participate in classroom activities, field trips, and special events.

We require that all visitors, including parents working in the classroom, stop at the ECE office to sign in and receive a visitor’s badge.  It is critical that we know who is on our campus at all times to ensure the safety of our students and in the event of an emergency.


Communication with Parents

Parents are encouraged to have daily contact with their child’s teacher. If your child’s teacher is not available during drop off or pick up, we encourage parents and teachers to communicate via email. Teachers are available to conference with parents during a predetermined time and day. If you would like a conference with your child’s teacher, please call the ECE office, and we would be happy to schedule a time to meet.

The ECE office has an open door policy so please feel free to stop by at any time. If you would like to speak with our ECE Director, Olivia Alexander, she is available by phone at (360) 256-9714, email at or in person.

Additionally, Cornerstone ECE emails monthly menus and newsletters to all parents who provide an email address. Parents can expect to receive written daily reports, which detail their child’s day, for children ages four weeks to thirty-six months old.

At the beginning of each month, your child’s teacher will email a classroom newsletter and lesson plans that outline learning goals for the month.

Please review our Parent/Student Handbook for more information.