2021-22 Early Childhood Education Tuition, Fees and Discounts

2021-22 Early Childhood Education (ECE) TUITION, FEES AND DISCOUNTS

Tuition Rates

AM Pre-K 8:30-11:15 am 2 DAYS 3 DAYS 4 DAYS 5 DAYS
Pre-K (4yrs-5yrs) $277 $392 $543 $656
PM Pre-K 12:45-3:30 pm 2 DAYS 3 DAYS 4 DAYS 5 DAYS
Pre-K (4yrs-5yrs) – Monday, Wednesday, Friday Available
$277 $392    
AM Preschool 8:30-11:15 am 2 DAYS 3 DAYS 4 DAYS 5 DAYS
Not Potty Trained (2.5yrs-3.5yrs) $334 $482 $637 $810
Potty Trained (3yrs-4yrs) $277 $392 $543 $656
Full-Day Preschool/Pre-K 2 DAYS 3 DAYS 4 DAYS 5 DAYS
Toddler (12 to 30 months) $700 $1,008 $1,237 $1,415
Potty Trained (30 to 60+ months) $604 $852 $1,072 $1,210
School Age (K to 12 years old)
School Age (K to 12 years old) $10.00 per hour $62.00 full-day


Additional hours/days will be billed as a monthly adjustment on the subsequent month billing statement at the following rates:
Infants: $88/day  12-30 months: $16.00/hour, $82/day  30-60+ months: $72/day

Enrollment Fees

Early Childhood Education (ECE) Enrollment Fees (per student) $200
School Age Extended Care Enrollment Fees (per student) $125


Enrollment Fee (per student, if paid by March 15, 2021) $50 discount
Multiple Child Tuition Discount (ECE student enrolled full-time for 6 months/Older student ES/MS) $150 discount
Multiple Child Tuition Discount (students within ECE program) – based on attendance schedule % discount varies
Multiple Child School Age Extended Care Hourly Rate Discount 10% discount
Referral Incentive (for each new family referred and enrolled for 6 months) $500 discount
FACTS Fees (waived if payment plan set up by August 27, 2019-additional fee thereafter) $50 waived

Important Registration Information

    All enrollment forms must be completed and returned with applicable fees.
  2. Enrollment will not be finalized until your payment plan has been set up in FACTS.
  3. A convenience fee will be charged for credit card use.
  4. An after hour fee of $1.00 per minute will be assessed for each minute after 6:00pm for full-day Preschool/Pre-K and School Age Care, after 11:25 am for AM Preschool/Pre-K, and after 3:40 pm for PM Pre-K.
  5. There is a 10 hr max per day for full-time care.
  6. A full-day charge of $62.00 will be applied if you reserved space in School Age Care (applies during ES/MS
    No School days and Summer Care Program).
  7. Referral discounts are available to CCALL families who are listed by a new family on the application for enrollment form at the time of application submission. Referral discounts will be applied as a tuition reduction at the end of the 6th consecutive month in which the new family is enrolled and in good standing. Although limitations may apply relating to new families receiving tuition assistance or attending part-time, there is no limit on the number of families that may be referred and for which a referral discount may be received.